• Instant Funnel Chain

    Our system automatically chains your funnel together as you create your front end and upsells, no more manual funnel creation!

  • Partner Revenue Sharing

    Automatically assign your partner any % on any product directly to his/her paypal account. No more manual payments!

  • Real Time Tracking

    Instantly see your clicks sales, epc and more in real time on all your products both as a vendor and affiliate

  • Product Grouping

    Connect any of your products together so your affiliates get credit for them. You can send directly to any page and guarantee your affs. comm.

  • 3rd Party Upsells

    No upsell? No Problem! Simply pick a 3rd party upsell from our marketplace and instantly get paid commissions on it

  • Real Time Data Export

    Instantly download your customer leads, sales and more from any segment of products you wish. Select a specific product or download in bulk to a .CSV file

  • Custom Tracking Codes

    Create vendor or affiliate tracking codes on the fly for any product and/or promotion you do with our auto code generator. Simply select the product and the code and it's ready

  • Live Marketplace

    Monitor and control your customers refunds directly from your admin panel and instantly refund any customer to their paypal account.

  • Intuitive Buy Buttons

    Use our attractive auto generated buy buttons to increase your sales. Simply copy and paste for html, wordpress or forum (bb) code after you create your product.

  • Seamless Sales Funnel

    Your customers instantly see your upsells directly after the front end purchase. No logging in needed to see the upsells. Convert more of your traffic into sales!

  • Lowest Fees

    Never pay more than 3% per transaction. This makes ProductPay the lowest cost provider in the market.