Please provide your PayPal email or you won't be able to get paid for the sales you've made.
You can do it by clicking here to accept refund permissions. What is refund permissions?
Refund permissions allows to refund the customers transaction on your behalf if requested by the customer through the website interface
Please Click Here To Fill Out the W9 Form or change your country of residence in your account details. What is W9 Form?
W9 Form is only needed if you are a US citizen. If you are not a US citizen, please select your country on the Account Information page


  • How do I access my purchase?
    1. Go to
    2. Here you can enter your paypal purchase email to recover your ProductPay password.
    3. You will be able to access every purchase made with this paypal email and ProductPay by clicking on after log in (also linked on the post login page)

  • How do I bump affiliates?
    In order to bump affiliates simply:

    1. Click the Reports tab
    2. Click the Affiliate Partners link on the left hand side
    3. Enter the commission amount in the Percentage box
    **Commission amount cannot be greater than 100%

  • Do I need a Paypal account to use
    Yes, uses Paypal to take payments, therefore you must have an active Paypal email to use the services offers.

  • What are the transaction fees for
    Fees are 3% 

  • How do I request a refund?
    You will need to contact the person/company you made your purchase from via their helpdesk in order to request a refund.

    ProductPay LLC do not have any part in issuing refunds or not. We advise you to always contact the vendors customer support department and do not file a paypal dispute, as this often causes issues.

  • How do I un-approve affiliates?
    In order to un-approve an affiliate in ProductPay:

    1) Click the Reports tab
    2) Click the Affiliate Partners link on the left hand side
    3) Uncheck the Approved box for the affiliate you wish to un-approve

    You can also watch a short one minute video tutorial below:
    (Copy and Paste this into your browser to view the video)
  • How do I add a partner to my launch?
    1) Click Vendors Tab

    2) Click Name of the product you want to share revenue on

    3) Copy the \"Share Link for Partners\"

    4) Give this link to your partner

    5) Your partner needs to log into their ProductPay account and then paste the URL into their browser

    6) It will ask them if they want to be a partner.  They need to answer yes.

    7) Now go back to your product screen and click the edit button.

    8) Click on the Affiliates Tab

    9) There will be a new box there now that asks you what % you would like to pay to partners.

    Yuu NEED to do this for every product in the funnel.

    You can also watch a video for more detail here:
  • How do I create a product?
    1. Hover your mouse over the vendors tab
    2. Click the Create a Product drop down menu
    3. Watch the video tutorials provided in each step.